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Paul Titcombe
real estate website


There’s no argument that real estate industry is the most vast increasing industry field in New Zealand. A multiple-awarded agent ‘Paul Titcombe’ based in Wellington needed a better way to promote his passion. He needed overall solution – personal branding, and a customised website. Most important thing was to maintain the website without hassle.

1. Brand design

My client will be asked many questions to have a clear direction. e.g. Who’s your audience? what’s their lifestyle, what channel you usually meet them, what’s your goal & budget, what timeframe do you expect to see the result? How much knowledge does a client have for web administration, etc.
More information you provide, you will see the clear output you want. 
Symbol and company name will be designed by selecting font style and customised shapes. A client will be choosing brand design from a few options, getting feedback and adjust.

2. Website design

I research the best way to run a website without supervising. Many clients find a website hard to maintain due to difficulty of tech. For this website, I purposely chose WordPress so my client can login to admin mode and manage it fairly easy. You can check his website through the link below.

3. Dynamic contents

Photography and videography is a part of skillsets I have. If a client needs contents that are required images, I can add up on it as a piece of brand development. My specialty as a designer is that I have professional photography knowledge that can be compared among other photographers.
Also, Videography is getting a huge part business marketing. With my knowledge I can ensure creating a video if a client needs.