I’m Jinhee – a graphic designer based in Wellington, New Zealand. I have +7 year experience working in development/design/media field. Currently I’m working at Metservice which is official NZ meteological office. If you want further information about my experience please visit LinkedIn page.

Was born and grew up in South Korea – I finished 4 year Bachelor of Design, had +2 year work experience in S.Korea until 2011.

I like what I do – but it makes me always feel like I’m never enough to say “I’m good at graphic design” there are always things to learn – keeping up – be more creative than what people expect. I’m always looking for oppertunities to work various of graphic design.

Last couple of years I’ve updated posts every week about NZ life. I post about where to visit, what to do, what is like living in New Zealand. Aiming is for helping people (especially Koreans) to get more information about New Zealand. My blog link is here

Thank you for visiting my website. I’ll keep updating what I’ve done 🙂 if you are keen to talk with me, please leave a message.